Cleveland Real Estate rental maket is hot. Too many people need places to live, too few are eligible for mortgage financing. As a result, we have a very unique situation in Cleveland: cost of homeownership is much lower than cost of renting, and there is a lack of good rental properties in popular neighborhoods of Greater Cleveland.

No wonder that potential renters are looking everywhere to locate a good deal for rent. One of the most visited sites is Craigslist. And here is the trap.

Dear prospective renters!

Beware of scam artists who may abuse your need in a good and affordable propety for rent.

Try the properties listed by Real Estate brokers first. Real Estate brokers are licensed and highly regulated by law. We follow the Cannon of Ethics and those who are REALTORS(R), follow even stricter Code of Ethics.

If you see the anonimous post which offers a large home in a prime neighborhood for under $1,000.00 / month, BEWARE!
If you get a correspondence from the poster requesting your personal information, BEWARE!
If you are asked to send something valuable, like your personal information or money to a distant party (out of State owner, out of town property manager, etc.), BEWARE!

Check out the address of the property and information about the title holders. You can easily do it online, just go to the County Auditor’s web site.

Check out if the poperty is in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure process.

Meet with the future landlords at the house.


Just call a trusted Real Estate agent and let her handle this for you.

Good luck!